Who We Are

Alaska Native midwives, doulas, breastfeeding counselors and healers organizing to reclaim Indigenous birth practices, support families from preconception through postnatal care, and increase capacity for community centered maternal child health care.


Our vision is that every Alaska Native birthing person feels supported, well cared for, and full of the information they need to make confident choices around reproductive health, birthing, and parenthood. In doing this, we seek to reclaim as well as create new ceremony and heal our ancestors and future generations who may have been harmed through the colonization of our bodies, healthcare, and birthing practices.

What We Offer

Prenatal support

Labor and delivery support

Postnatal support



Community dialogues

​Collection and redistribution of food, maternity and newborn items​

AKNBC Founders L-R: Charlene Apok, Stacey Lucason with Olga Lucason, Abra Patkotak, Helena Jacobs, Margaret David with Tala David. Not pictured: Stefanie Cromarty.

We are grassroots volunteers based in Anchorage, Alaska. We seek to formalize and grow a statewide network of Alaska Native birthworkers who feel confident, competent and grounded in cultural values to support our peers for better family health and wellness outcomes. We are passionate about offering this care from one Indigenous person to another and know that we can grow our network for helpers to have a positive impact within our birthing community.

Please e-mail us at, or use the form below to get in touch if you are interested in connecting with a volunteer to potentially receive support or to join the network as a support provider. Check out our survey to share about your birthing experiences with us HERE.


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