Alaska or Indigenous Birthing and Reproductive Health Resources:

Alaska Native Birthworkers Community

The Alaska Native Birthworkers Community seeks to formalize and grow a network of Alaska Native birthworkers who feel confident, competent and grounded in cultural values to support Native birthing families for better health and wellness outcomes for parents and babies, while also advocating for systemic change to better support Alaska Native birthing families. We do this through offering free direct services to Native birthing families, free access to capacity building and training for current and aspiring Indigenous birthworkers, and by building partnerships for collective impact on a statewide, national, and international scale. 

Center for Indigenous Midwifery (Washington)

“Honoring ancestral wisdom and reclaiming culturally-rooted midwifery care.” Offers a zoomcast exploring topics and sharing stories of Indigenous birth and family life, a fathers circle, and online childbirth education.

National Aborignal Council of Midwives (Canada)

NACM’s vision is to see Indigenous Midwives in every Indigenous community, and exists to promote excellence in reproductive health care for Inuit, First Nations, and Métis women. Stories and Teachings about Pregnancy, Birth and Infant care.

National Indigenous Midwifery Alliance

The mission of the National Indigenous Midwifery Alliance (NIMA) is to gather the collective power of Indigenous midwives, to uplift the wellbeing of Indigenous childbearing families, calling on our ancestral practices in defense of future generations. We do this by supporting and developing Indigenous midwives, bridging cultural teachings, and reclaiming birth sovereignty within Native communities. 

Changing Woman Initiative

Changing Woman Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to renew cultural birth knowledge to empower and reclaim indigenous sovereignty of women's medicine and life way teachings to promote reproductive wellness, healing through holistic approaches and to strengthen women's bonds to family and community.

Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming

Women building community around healthy birthing practices.

Free Indigensous Birth Affirmation Posters (Seattle)

Daybreak Star Doulas and Wakeah Jhane are so proud to share these beautiful affirmation posters with communities across Turtle Island and beyond.